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09 January 2012

Julius Helms Of Germany And Detroit

In March 2009, I wrote a blog about finding the death record online at SeekingMichigan for Julius Helms and mentioned the need for the corresponding obituary.  I looked in the Detroit Free Press with negative results.  Lo and behold, today, after receiving a message via Ancestry from a descendant of Julius Helms, he graciously e-mailed a copy of the obituary to me and allowed me to publish it! And the obituary was accompanied by a picture!!!!  How great is that?!

Julius Helms is an ancestor of my grandkids' through the deceased's son, Richard Helms.

15 March 2009

Helms of Detroit - A Death Record Online

Miriam at AnceStories posted an update of the status of Michigan death records online at the MI Archives. That's the good news. The bad news -- the Library of Michigan is considering some Draconian actions up to and including permanently closing the Library. See the article Miriam referenced here.

By coincidence, I checked the Archives website for death records updates last night and found (among other things) a death record for Julius Helms of Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. He's my grandkids' 4th great-grandfather. Hopefully I'll remember to look up an obituary for Julius Helms, who died 8 December 1913, when I return to Michigan (if the Library is still accessible and/or perhaps the Burton Collection at the Detroit Public Library).

An even bigger coincidence occurred earlier today -- a researcher contacted me today via e-mail inquiring about Julius Helms -- just hours after I found new information online. Helms was one of a handful of surnames I checked last night.