01 March 2015

Alexander McDonald

British Military and Naval Records (RG 8, C Series) - INDEX ONLY
Microform: c-11837   [Image 5135]

McDonald, Alexander

Fathrt, A. McDonald, boy, enlisted into 41st Regt.; date of his death and of his wife's.

A. McDonell to Lt. Govr' Gore.
York, 27 -  5  -  1809
p. 17
c. 910

Bowermans And Billos

Maturah Bull married (1st) Thomas Bowerman, "who brought her to Canada in 1792...they settled on Lot 1, First Con., Military Tract, Township Hallowell."  Thomas died in 1810.

Excerpt from the Genealogy of the Bull family:

A family tree site at Ancestry's Rootsweb indicated that Maturah Bull's (1773 - 1846) parents were Josiah Bull and Mehetable Thomas.  Thomas Bowerman's (1761 - 1810) parents were *Ichabod Bowerman and Jane Richmond. [More about the Richmond(s) connections on another blog post]

There appeared to be a connection between "my" Richmond family and the Bowermans.  Was a member of the Billo family (related to my son-in-law and grandkids) also related to this Bowerman family in Canada? The short answer is yes.

*Ichabod Bowerman's parents were Thomas Bowerman and Jane Clifton (Ichabod Bowerman was also married to Jane Harby).  

Thomas and Jane (Harby) Bowerman's son was Ichabod Bowerman.  Ichabod's son was David Bowerman; David's son was David.  The next generation was Ichabod and the next was Samuel David Bowerman.

Samuel David Bowerman married Elizabeth Winegarden.  Their son, John Franklin Bowerman, married Rhoda Gertrude Billo, the daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Shepard) Billo.

28 February 2015

Indian Agent Taliaferro

Source: MNHS

Protected by this military post the efficient Indian agent, Lawrence Taliaferro, did a great deal toward destroying British influence among the tribes of the upper Mississippi and toward establishing American authority there. [Source]

27 February 2015

Mary Kermode

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Packet index 1797-1901...:

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File# 9900
Heir of Dunn Estate
Queen's Cliff
Victoria, Australia

26 February 2015

1805 Complaint To Isaac Brock

Title: British Military and Naval Records (RG 8, C Series) - Index Only

Brock [Image 1000]

Brock, Isaac.   Lt. Col.  49th Regt.  Com'dg. Quebec
to Lt. Col. Green

Quebec, 28 -2 - 1805

Inclosing complaint of Lt. Genl. [Henry] Bowyer re treatment of Recruiting parties from N.S. at Quebec with reply thereto.

c. 366
pp. 114, 108-114

24 February 2015

Relatives And Possible Relatives Of Josiah Bull

Source:  John Bull, Son Of Josiah

"Josiah Bull, the ancestor, having been a member of the Society of Friends, is, on that account, assumed to have been descended from Henry Bull, sometime Governor of Rhode Island, who was also a Friend (or Quaker)."  [This family tree indicates otherwise (not descended from Henry Bull)]

Note: My (presumed) ancestor, Edward Richmond, married 2nd, Amy Bull, daughter of Henry Bull who was the Governor of Rhode Island.

23 February 2015

Robert N. McMillan, Collector Of Customs

Steamer, Natchez, Port of New Orleans

The Shipper's guide: containing a complete list of all railroad stations ..., (1859), named Robert N. McMillan of Franklin, Louisiana, as a United States Revenue Officer, Collector of Customs.

Steamboats on Louisiana's Bayous: A History and Directoryby Carl A. Brasseaux, Keith P. Fontenot, related that tensions occurred between those with shipping interests and residents who were fearful during a yellow fever outbreak.  "As the crowd [in Franklin, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana] approached, Vinson (the boat owner) threatened to kill anyone who set foot on his ship except Robert N. McMillan, collector of customs at the port of Franklin, and Dr. E. S. Alexander, Franklin's health officer."

An 1874 act for the relief of Robert N. McMillan, late collector of customs.....: