21 December 2014

Typographical Monument

In Memory of the 102 Killed at Fort Phil Kearny on December 21, 1866:


Seventy-nine officers and men, and two civilians were killed December 21, 1866, near the recently established Fort Phil Kearny.  Captain W. J.  Fetterman, brevet lieutenant colonel, was in command of the troops, and the annihilation of the command was due to his disobedience of orders. For ten years after it took place this so-called Fetterman massacre was the Indian battle most talked of in the western country. [Source]

19 December 2014

Manson F. Backus - Mayflower Society Member

Elected to the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants - 1146.  Manson Franklin Backus, Seattle, Wash., ninth from Stephen (1) Hopkins, eighth from Constance (2) Hopkins.  Backus notes here.  More about Manson F. Backus here.


18 December 2014

Truman Powell Of Vermont

William Beaumont was Truman Powell's apprentice according to Wikipedia.

Fold3 - Truman Powell's Appt. As Surgeon In 31st Inf.

Truman Powell's biography:

Source (See a picture of the home mentioned above)

Bio information can also be found at FindAGrave.

Worth seeing:  Truman Powell [Burlington, VT]. Letter of recommendation for W. Beaumont. September 10, 1812.

Is the Truman Powell of Livingston County, New York, who is affiliated with our family related to this Truman Powell?  I do not know.

17 December 2014

Mary Jemison's Grandson

From A narrative of the life of Mary Jemison: the white woman of the Genessee:

Favorite grandson of Mary Jemison

Per Wikipedia:

"In an article about the life of Mary Jemison...her body to be disinterred...and moved to her final resting place at what is now Letchworth State Park...

In March, 1874, these remains were carefully disinterred by an undertaker, under the direction of her grandson Dr. James Shongo, and placed in a tasteful black walnut coffin."

Time Line Of Mary Jemison's life:

16 December 2014

Was He Juliet Hinds' Husband?

Source: FamilySearch - December 2010
Martin Emanuel Witt's death record stated that he was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee, on January 7, 1843, to Jim Witt and M. Denton of Illinois.  His residence at time of death (30 August 1919) was Brown County, Texas.  He was buried in Blanket, Texas.

From the book, History And Genealogy Of The Hinds Family:

2632. Samuel Acklin Hinds, son of William and Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds, born in Abingdon, Va., in 1803, and died in Marble Plains Church, Tenn., in 1882 ; married in Winchester, Tenn., Tabitha Davis, who was born in 1811.

2638. vi. Juliet Indiana, b. in 1842; m. Emanuel Witt. 

This family?  This family tree has this family as Witt/Hines [Hinds]. 

Name: Martin E Witt
Census 1880
Township 9 Range 11 East, Cherokee, Alabama
Occupation: Farming
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Birth Year (Estimated): 1843
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Martin E Witt Self M 37 Tennessee, United States
John Witt  Son M 10 Tennessee, United States
Samuel Witt Son M 9 Tennessee, United States
Jenney Witt Daughter F 1 Alabama, United States
Jane J Witt Wife  F 38 Tennessee, United States
Thomas Witt Son M 16 Tennessee, United States
Martha Witt Daughter F 12 Tennessee, United States
William Witt Son M 5 Alabama, United States

Census  1900
Justice Precinct 3, Brown, Texas
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 36
Birth Date: Jan 1842
Birthplace: Tennessee
Marriage Year (Estimated): 1864
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Martin E Witt Head M 58 Tennessee
Juliette Witt Wife  F 58 Tennessee
William H Witt Son M 27 Tennessee
Juliet J Witt Daughter F 23 Alabama

The last census for Martin E. Witt before he died in 1919.  He was widowed, so Juliet died before 1910.  Her death record may be held at the county level.

Census: 1910
Justice Precinct 3, Brown, Texas
Age: 67
Marital Status: Widowed
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Martin E Witt Head M 67 Tennessee
William H Witt Son M 35 Tennessee
J Josie Witt Daughter F 31 Alabama

15 December 2014

General Thomas's HQ In The Civil War

Belmont, The Acklin Place, In Nashville, Tennessee

Our portion of the line ran in front of the Acklin Place [ca December 1864], a charming villa residence, built at an expense of a million and a half of dollars. The owner was a Mr. Acklin, a wealthy Englishman [an American born in Alabama], who, at his own expense, fully armed and equipped a regiment of confederate infantry, named for him "The Acklin Rifles."  This Mr. Acklin was not at home, so General Thomas took his spacious mansion for corps and division headquarters. I am satisfied that never before was army headquarters so ornamented with such paintings and marbles.   Source:  The campaigns of the 124th regiment, Ohio volunteer infantry, with roster and roll of honor

14 December 2014

Joppa Gate

Gunpowder Falls And Vicinity In Maryland

He [Heathcoat Peckett or Pickett] was born in 1706.  When an old man he was hanged during the Revolution at Joppa Gate, [1777] having been of Tory sentiments.  A piece of the tree from which he was hanged is still preserved by a family of the neighborhood.


A post about Heathcoat's Cottage here.

Heathcoat's sister, Temperance Pickett, married William Lowe and was the mother-in-law of a Greer.