27 April 2015

Civil War Veterans On The Sultana


Many of the Sultana victims were prisoners of war who were released shortly before this disaster.

Name, Company, Regiment, and Present Postoffice, as far as Known, of those Living (excerpt below):


24 April 2015

Married At Mackinac Island

Fort Mackinac

"Upon August 12, 1824, I [*Elizabeth Therese Baird] was married at our home on Mackinac Island to Henry S. Baird, and the following month we left for Green Bay... ".  "General Gaines, continuing an inspection was also on board, therefore a salute was fired... ."

".Fort Howard did not present so much the appearance of a fortress as did my beloved Fort Mackinac.. ."

 *Mrs. Elizabeth Therese Fisher Baird was born at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, April 24, 1810.  She married at age 14 and died in 1890.  Her husband was born in Ireland in 1800 and immigrated to the United States in 1805.  [Source] [Also here]

23 April 2015

War Office Papers In London

Guide to the materials in London archives for the history of the United ...:

March 24, 1785, was a Letter of A. McKee, superintendent of Indian affairs, dated Detroit, to Major Fraser respecting the employment of Indians, American negotiations with Western Indians at Fort McIntosh, etc.

22 April 2015

Murphy's In - Laws

Ellen (Murphy) Billo was the 3rd great-grandmother of my grandchildren.

Michigan, Death Certificates, 1921-1952
birth: 30 July 1859 Ontario, Canada
death: 25 April 1938 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
father: James Murphy

Ellen (Murphy) Billo's parents were James Murphy and Ellen Davey.  In 1861 2 year old Ellen Murphy was residing with her parents, James and Ellen, as well as her brother, Timothy.

1861 Census - Canada West [Norfolk, Ontario, Canada]

An 1877 plat map of Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada (below), included a J. Murphy and a James Murphy.  Below is the plat for J. Murphy.  I wasn't sure which (if either) Murphy was correct.  An agricultural census (if it exists for Norfolk County in 1861) would help.

Source - 1877 Norfolk County, Ontario, Map (McGill University)

Windham, Norfolk North, Ontario
 James MURPHY       Male     M    50  b. Ireland  Catholic
 Ellen   "       Female   M    48   b. Ireland                    
Timothy "    Male          23   Irish      Ontario          
Patrick  "     Male          20   Irish      Ontario       
Mary "     Female        18   Irish        Ontario          
 Catherine  "      Female        16   Irish    Ontario      
 James  "       Male          14   Irish     Ontario       
 John  "        Male          12   Irish  Ontario      
 Thomas "      Male          10   Irish Ontario       
Daniel  "       Male      5    Irish        Ontario       
 Agnes "       Female        4    Irish      Ontario     

By 1900 Ellen (Davey) Murphy was widowed and living in Detroit, Michigan, with 4 of her sons, a daughter and a son-in-law:

Murphy, Elen, head, 1832, widowed, 11-10
  "  James, son, July 1866, 33, b. Can
 "   , Thomas, son, Feb 1870, Can, single
 "  , John E., son, Jan 1868, 32, single
 "  , Daniel A., son, Oct 1874, 25, Can
 Coughlin, Daniel, boarder, June1872, m1
   "   , Sarah A., daughter, Nov 1876, m1, 1-1

COUGHLIN, Daniel J., 37, m12, Policeman-City
  "   Agnes S., wife, 32, 12, 5-4, Canada
  "   Maria, 10
 "   Helen, 7
 "   Kearan E., 5
 "   Agnes
MURPHY, Ella, m-i-l, wd, 80, 11-8

Ellen (Davey) Murphy died 5 April 1914, in Kent County, Michigan.  She was buried in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  Her parents were Bernard Davey and Nellie Brown, both born in Ireland.

Don't have the death or burial information about Ellen (Murphy) Billo's father, James Murphy, yet.

21 April 2015

Benjamin Sharp Featured On WDYTYA

Although I enjoy watching all of the episodes of Who Do You Think You Are?, I felt a special connection to the life of Bill Paxton's ancestor, Benjamin Sharp.  Let's just say when he read about Black's Fort on a document, it was a memorable moment for both of us.

Part of his (Paxton's) research included a trip to the DAR, where Sharp's Revolutionary War pension application was reviewed.  One aspect of Benjamin Sharp's war service found him under Captain Andrew Colville's command at Black's Fort.  The pension papers also mentioned Sharp's service under Captain James Dysart and *Lieutenant Samuel Newell.

Source (Fold3) Of Benjamin Sharp's Revolutionary War Pension Application

Here is an excerpt from my August 2014 post about Black's Fort:

At the farm of Captain Joseph Black, where Abingdon now stands, between four and five hundred people collected together to build a fort. The erection of Black's Fort was begun on the 20th day of July 1776, the same day that the battle of Long Island Flats was fought and the news of the victory of the settlers in that battle was received the next day.

Source: Black's Fort Messenger, The Official Newsletter Of Abingdon, VA
(See "Source" link above for the whole map and newsletter)

Captain Joseph Black, of Black's Fort was the brother of my ancestress, Christian (Black) Acklin, wife of Christopher Acklin.  Joseph and Christian's parents were John Black and Elizabeth Colville.  Elizabeth (Colville) Black married 2nd, Samuel Newell*.

Benjamin Sharp also volunteered under Captain James Fulkerson.  Was he Sharp's father-in-law?  Probably.

20 April 2015

Lord Dartmouth And The Surveyor-General

From the Manuscripts of Lord Dartmouth:

Lord Dartmouth himself owns 40,000 acres in East Florida, and William Gerard de Brahm, once Surveyor-General of America, tells his Lordship that he can find thirteen good French Protestant families to settle on it. He appears to be instrumental in forming for the purpose a Society called the Swizer, or Cape Florida Society, for which 8,000 acres are to be appropriated at a regular quit-rent. The terms and conditions, however, after much correspondence are finally thrown over by the members as unsuitable for a...society of free people," but the real objection seems to have been to Mr. de Brahm as agent. Mr. de Brahm's lengthy epistles are numerous, he transmits, too, a manuscript history of East Florida (p. 120), and various astronomical and religious treatises.