17 September 2014

M. George Allen's Bostwick Family

Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America: ...:

M. George Allen, my Dad's cousin was the last person listed (5th generation):

Source - Powers & Palm Tree
The Bostwicks were part of George's paternal line.  Since we connect on his maternal line (Powers), we are not directly related to this family.

16 September 2014

Died In Florida Battle


J.W. S. McNeil, of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.  He was killed in the 21st year of his age in battle with the Indians of Florida on the morning of the 16th of September, 1837, by Uchee Billy, a chief of the Seminoles.  He was the son of Gen. John McNeil, of New Hampshire--late of the U.S. Army, and grandson of the late Governor Pierce of the same state.

From the Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek blog:

You are looking at the southwest corner of the St. Augustine National Cemetery.  The marble slab on the ground in the corner is plot 1 and contains the remains of Lieut. Stephen Tuttle.  The nearer slab is plot 4 and contains the remains of John Winfield Scott McNeil.

15 September 2014

Tower Family In The 1894 Census

Archives of Michigan
Microfilm Reel Number 1941
Residence Year  1894
County Montcalm
Township Cato

1894 | Montcalm, Cato | 1360 at SeekingMichigan:

*Tower, Ezra | Male | Husband | 51 | 9
Tower, Hannah | Female | Wife | 41 | 10
Tower, George | Male | Son | 10 | 11
Tower, Frank | Male | Son | 8 | 12
Tower, Bessie | Female | Daughter | 5 | 13
Tower, Nellie | Female | Daughter | 1 | 14

*He was enumerated as a U.S. Soldier during the Civil War
24 -- # of years within the State [Michigan] [Born in PA]
51 -- # of years in the United States

Hannah was born in Ohio; her parents were born in Virginia.  She has spent 41 years in the United States with 39 or 37 years in Michigan.

14 September 2014

Walter Pelton And A Coldwater Connection

From Genealogy of the Pelton Family:

Walter Hilliard Pelton...lived in Buckland, Massachusetts; thence to Leeds Corners, New York, thence to Mascow, New York and then to Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York, and then to Coldwater, Micigan (1852 - 1866).  He died in Girard, [Branch County] Michigan, September 14, 1876.

He married, 3rd, Eunice* Bassett, widow of Schofield Bassett, and daughter of John Osborn, of the State of New York.  *This one? [Probably; Eunice had a daughter, Rosina Bassett.  There was a Rose Jones [Rosina Bassett?] who was born in Michigan, living in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.  It was stated that Eunice, widow of Walter Pelton, was living in Titusville with her daughter, Rose Jones.]

12 September 2014

Graham Attack In The Draper Collection

Jim's Picture At Palms Americana and Detour Through History

From the Preston and Virginia papers of the Draper Collection:


"...Account given by Andrew Kinkead of attack on James Graham's house on Greenbrier River....".

"...Encloses letter from Captain Arbuckle; attack on James Graham's house; Walter Caldwell killed; the people flying to fort at Camp Union...report of an expedition against Ohio Indians.... ."

10 September 2014

We Have Met The Enemy....

....and they are ours (a quote from Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, 10 September 1813).

The illustration can be seen in The Naval Monument... .